This page provides a list of publications and websites in the field of empirical ecocriticism as well as information on journals and book series that are open to submissions and on relevant calls for papers.


This is a list of publications in empirical ecocriticism that combine ecocritical textual analysis with empirical research:

Interested scholars might also consult the following ecocritical works that draw on empirical research to address similar questions about the influence of environmental narrative:

These social science studies might also be helpful to ecocritics who are interested in the influence of environmental narratives:


  • The Arithmetic of Compassion website provides a forum for exploring and explaining the convergence between cognitive psychology (especially research pertaining to empathy/compassion) and the environmental humanities, with the added dimension of linking academic ideas to contemporary challenges in the world.


The following book series are open to submissions in the field of empirical ecocriticism: 


Call for Papers for Edited Volume on Empirical Ecocriticism

There is a growing consensus across disciplines that narratives are of central importance to our relationships with other humans and nonhumans as well as the broader environment. However, until recently ecocritics have largely relied upon speculation to assess the critical question of the influence of environmental narratives on their audiences.

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